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A freelance 3D product designer, maker and creative entrepreneur based in London looking to collaborate and inspire.


Here's what I do.

3D Design Development Infographic

3D Design, Development
& Implementation
(Product & Branding design)​

Packaging Design Infographic

Packaging Design
& Cardboard Engineering

3D Printing Infographic

Rapid Prototyping & Model Making
Product Testing & Validation

3D Rendering Infographic

3D Rendering,
Product Visualisation & Animation

CAD Infographic

Computer Aided Design &
Advanced Surface Modelling

Project Management Infographic

Project Management &
Website Design




A bit about Me.

My name is Jack and I’m a 3D product designer, branding creative and unapologetic coffee lover based in East London. 


I have a passion for creating and I want to collaborate with companies and individuals to help bring ideas to life!


For the past 10 years I have studied and worked professionally in the creative industry both in-house design and consultancy work, as well as starting my own successful company.

My professional experience encompasses 3D branding design, product development and project management; as well as an inherent drive towards design for good and how it can empower brands with meaning and purpose to bring about social and environmental change...

Jack McCulloch Profile 1

My Professional Experience.

2008 - 2012

2010 - 2011

Loughborough University: Design School

Product Design & Technology (BSc) + DPS

1st Class Honours Degree with a Diploma in Professional Studies.



Junior Designer

 Ideaworks make spaces feel amazing inside through the creative application of technology.

2012 - 2014

Loan A Lifeguard

Co-founder & Company Director

Loan A Lifeguard offers private lifeguard hire for events, functions and swimming pool / hotel cover. 

2013 - 2015

Yale Door and Window Solutions


Project Engineer

As one of the oldest international brands, today’s Yale is among the best known and most respected names in the lock industry, with millions of Yale locks in use worldwide.

2015 - 2020

Design Bridge

Senior 3D Designer

Design Bridge is an international branding design agency with over 30 years experience in creating designs with attention to detail, story telling and craft.


In 2019 I decided to try out and become a host on airbnb. I wanted a way to supplement my income whilst also providing a fantastic service and experience to people visiting London.

I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I made and I have happily hosted many different people from many different countries across the world.

I am proud to be rated a 5 star Superhost with nothing but positive reviews from my guests. During the initial stages I learnt a lot from my experiences in adjusting my flat to best 
accommodate my guests, set-up my listing, photography and then how to deliver a flawless experience.

I now want to help others do the same and start their own successful airbnb business. So if you are interested and want to learn more, click below... 

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Airbnb Home
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