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Durex Demo Kit

Packaging Design

Durex Demo Kit

Project Summary

Durex has recently undergone a refresh of its identity and embarked on a new brand purpose as it looks to be a lighthouse for young people searching for positive depictions of sex. As part of their new launch of products, they wanted to encourage men to 'find your best fit'. They recognise that people don't want to spend longer than they need choosing condoms and will often select a product not suited to them. 

In order to promote the range they asked us to design bespoke demo kits which would showcase the product range and also demonstrate the importance of making the right choice when it comes to finding your best fit. These kits would be then be used at events to show retailers the new ranges.

Durex Concept Sketch

Initial Concept Sketch Work

Durex Close Feel Testing
Durex Comfort XL Testing

Development & Testing

As part of the process of designing the components of the demo kit, we needed to produce bespoke dildos of particular sizes in order to demonstrate the importance of selecting the right fit. We needed to highlight the dangers of using a close fit condom on a XL dildo, which increases the risk of breakages and rendering the product useless. Similarly, we needed demonstrate that using an XL condom on a regular size dildo also causes issues and can make the condom ineffective.

Throughout the process we wanted to, not only ensure the kits were fit for purpose and would be fully functional to demonstrate the important aspects of the range, but also showcase the Durex brand, graphically and structurally.

Durex Box
Durex Demo Kit
Durex Demo Kit

The Design

Both our demo kit and sales kit follow a similar 3D brand language and echo the gestures and graphical elements associated with the refreshed Durex branding. The main packaging is matt laminated card and we added hidden magnets on the front opening doors to provide added function and concealment so there was some theatre on opening. 

On the demo kit specifically, it was important for the user to be very clear in the function and how to effectively demonstrate the find your fit process. We designed in a hidden lozenge logo-shaped pocket which would enable the colour-coded dildos to be mounted and then demonstrated. Overall the impact of the new branding, colour coding and function of the kits made them a huge success and helped sell in the Durex range to retailers.

Disclaimer: All work shown on this page was undertaken whilst under the contractual employment of Design Bridge Ltd. All work shown, at the time of release on this portfolio website, had been launched and was within the public domain.  All work shown is the property and copyright of RB and was created by Design Bridge Ltd. The work is shown for personal portfolio presentation purposes only and must not be shared by any third parties. All opinions expressed are by the owner of the website and do not necessarily reflect those of Design Bridge and/or RB.

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