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Gordon's Low Alc Bottle

Brand Visibility Design


Project Summary

There has been a growing trend over the last few years within younger generations to actively chose non-alcoholic alternatives, and changing ways of socialising means alcohol is no longer the central focus. Gordon's wanted to provide an ultra low alcoholic alternative to its core gin range with flavoured sparkling water but still with the complexity of a regular G&T (Gordon's & Tonic).

Our brief was to design a brand new bottle and graphics for this new offering; stepping away from typical gin credentials, creating disruption on shelf and to cue refreshment. 


The Design

Our design looks to create a category leading standard for the ready to drink on the go ultra low alcoholic flavoured drinks market.

Our bottle is not only beautiful to look at and perfect to hold but also really channels that sense of occasion and celebration as seen with regular alcohol.

We have created a bold iconic silhouette with aspects of fruit and flavour and considered detailing to cue refreshment. It evokes the feeling that every last drop of guilt free flavour is being squeezed out from the bottle.

Instagram posts to celebrate the new drink

Gordons Oranges
Gordons Limes

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