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Smirnoff Room

Brand Environment Design

Smirnoff Room Concept

Project Summary

In 2019, following a similar successful iteration the previous year, Smirnoff asked us to brand a blank office space with furniture, graphics and decor to evoke the latest Smirnoff branding to executives coming to learn about the evolutions and progress of the brand.

As with similar projects, the task was to use existing assets and resources as much as possible to produce an impactful, cost effective environment, which could be assembled and disassembled quickly within the given constraints.


Wherever possible, we looked to use existing furniture in a considered way which would not only answer the question of what would a Smirnoff bar look like, but also produce a functional space where guests could come and meet and be presented to by senior executives.

The plan view layout and flow of the room was important to consider as well as for break down discussions and staging.


Work in progress photos of the space


The Final Concept Visual

The Finished Space


The Design

The finished room gained high praise from the client and also attracted the attention of other executives who were not necessarily due to see the room. We managed to create a highly stimulating environment with a clever synergy between graphical wall decoration and appropriate furniture pieces, transforming the space to truly evoke the Smirnoff brand. 

From a very blank canvas we created a welcoming space, suited for the function of executive presentations as well as demonstrating how effective the Smirnoff brand world can exist in physical space which, no doubt, will have helped inspire for future projects.

Disclaimer: All work shown on this page was undertaken whilst under the contractual employment of Design Bridge Ltd. All work shown, at the time of release on this portfolio website, had been launched and was within the public domain.  All work shown is the property and copyright of Diageo and was created by Design Bridge Ltd. The work is shown for personal portfolio presentation purposes only and must not be shared by any third parties. All opinions expressed are by the owner of the website and do not necessarily reflect those of Design Bridge and/or Diageo.

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