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My name is Jack and I’m a 3D product designer, branding creative and unapologetic coffee lover based in East London.


I have a passion for creating and I want to collaborate with companies and individuals to help bring ideas to life!

For the past 10 years I have studied and worked professionally in the creative industry both in-house design and consultancy work, as well as starting my own successful company. 

My professional experience encompasses 3D branding design, product development and project management; as well as an inherent drive towards design for good and how it can empower brands with meaning and purpose to bring about social and environmental change.

I firmly believe that we as designers have the moral responsibility to create brands and products that help people and improve our world. That's exciting. That's our challenge.

I hope my journey helps to inspire people realise their own ambitions - whether that be to start a business, create a product or by simply doing something that you can be proud of; something that hopefully makes a difference to somebody.

We all deserve happiness and fulfilment in our lives and I am truly thankful each and every day to get to do something that brings me both. 

So, let’s chat! Get in touch, drop me a message and let's create something.



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