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Hellmann's Caddy

Product Design

Hellmann's Caddy

Project Summary

Hellmann's is a hugely established brand with over 100 years of rich history. Recently we refreshed the brand world bringing the focus back to the heritage and origins of the New York deli. The brand had drifted in to a look of artificial colour and flavours without celebrating the true real nature of their products. Real ingredients for real food using real photography.

As part of this refresh, Hellmann's asked us to design a table top condiment caddy that would be used in pubs and informal restaurants to house Hellmann's squeezey mayonnaise and other condiments, such as ketchup and mustard. The item would be branded Hellmann's despite carrying other branded products with the option of the establishment to co-brand alongside.

Hellmann's Caddy Sketch

Initial Concept Sketch Work

Hellmanns Caddy.jpg

The Design

Our design was intentionally constructed from beech wood and galvanised steel as open and substantial materials which reflect the real goodness of the Hellmann's products. With these humble and honest materials we created an unfussy, uncluttered caddy design, which is robust in construction but also soft in its finishes. 

The main handle of the caddy mimics that of a spade handle to evoke the feeling that Hellmann's is made from real ingredients, taken from nature with a careful passionate touch to make the best products possible. The Hellmann's name and signature bow was proudly stamped around the corner of the caddy and you can see the wood grain, from the beech panels, come through humbly and honestly. 

The history of the brand

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