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Facebook Trophy

Product Design

Project Summary

Facebook has an annual event for their creators and rewards work in various categories. In 2017, when our redesign was launched, the theme for the awards was 'work that moves people' evoking the emotional connection we can all have, even in a digital world.

Our brief was to redesign the trophy to celebrate these creators and Facebook's vision for creativity, whilst capturing the ethos of the brand and it's family of apps. 

Facebook old trophy

Previous Design

Facebook assembly

Exploded view showing precision construction

Facebook Award Group

Our New Design

Facebook secondary packaging

Secondary packaging

Facebook Award

The Design

Our design looked to capture a sense of pride and prestige, whilst retaining Facebook's down to earth sensibility. We wanted to create a talkability around the design and make something worthy of the innovation it itself acknowledges.

Taking inspiration from the playfulness of Jeff Koon's sculptural balloon art, we created a trophy that gives the illusion of a real life balloon suspended from string. The balloon signifies the heart emoji seen on the Facebook platform, so intriguing you really want to reach out and double tap it!


Behind a simple looking form is some very clever design thinking and engineering. We used precision metal fabrication and vacuum metallisation to create something so beautiful and unique that our trophy design went on to win it's own trophy for physical product design at the Drum Awards in 2018.

Disclaimer: All work shown on this page was undertaken whilst under the contractual employment of Design Bridge Ltd. All work shown, at the time of release on this portfolio website, had been launched and was within the public domain.  All work shown is the property and copyright of Facebook and was created by Design Bridge Ltd. The work is shown for personal portfolio presentation purposes only and must not be shared by any third parties. All opinions expressed are by the owner of the website and do not necessarily reflect those of Design Bridge and/or Facebook.

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