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Project Unlonely


Project Summary

Project Unlonely was an initiative and collaboration between Design Bridge and Lipton born out necessity to shine a light on hidden loneliness. It was launched in 2019 and of course 2020 is a year that has made this topic at the forefront of concern. Loneliness is something that doesn't discriminate and can affect us all with 1 in 3 of us feeling lonely right now.

We wanted to make people aware of this issue, highlight the detrimental health impacts it can have - but also tell people that even something as seemingly small as 15 minutes of quality conversation with someone can drastically reduce your chances of feeling lonely.

Lipton, as a global tea brand, want to use their status for positive change and hence the launch of You. Me. Tea. Now. This movement, as part of Project Unlonely, encourages people to get together for a quick catch-up over a cup of Lipton tea and create that quality connection.

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One of the main features of the launch of #youmeteanow was the creation of our Lipton mugs, which I was tasked with.

We created a range of playful graphic faces, giving each mug a personality and expression to bring them to life. The idea was that you would bring 2 mugs together to cheers and it creates this sweet interaction and highlights the quality connection being made not only between the mugs but also between us.

We created these limited edition gift sets that were sent out to influencers to showcase the campaign. Each box contained 2 of our custom Lipton mugs as well as some delicious Lipton hot tea bags and a short message about the important purpose behind the campaign - to shine a light on hidden loneliness.

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Disclaimer: All work shown on this page was undertaken whilst under the contractual employment of Design Bridge Ltd. All work shown, at the time of release on this portfolio website, had been launched and was within the public domain.  All work shown is the property and copyright of Unilever and was created by Design Bridge Ltd. The work is shown for personal portfolio presentation purposes only and must not be shared by any third parties. All opinions expressed are by the owner of the website and do not necessarily reflect those of Design Bridge and/or Unilever.

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